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Payment Terms

Upfront Payment:

When you sign-up for a membership through, you will be charged on that day for the entire amount of your monthly, quarterly or annual payment, as per selected package. This amount will be less any promotional discounts applied at checkout.

Ongoing Payments:

All payments following the upfront payment will be charged on the same calendar day as the upfront payment in the next month. If the calendar day does not exist in the following month (3rd payment on the 31st of January, charged next in February), then the last day of the said month will be used as the payment date.

Subscription Renewal

Unless cancelled by the user via express written communication to the healthOK team, memberships will automatically renew on the last day of each subscription term. At the time of renewal, payment will be charged to the form of payment on file.


A user may cancel their subscription at any time. A user should cancel by using the contact form on to write to the team and request cancellation.

A user is only cancelled if an email confirming cancellation is received by the user to the email address used to sign-up for the account the user is looking to cancel.

Once a user cancels, they will have access to subscribed content until the last date of the subscription term immediately following their most recent payment (“Expiration Date”). The membership will expire on the same calendar day as the last payment (“Final Payment”) made by the user. This date will be 3 months following Final Payment for Quarterly or 12 months following Final Payment for Annual. If the user subscribed in a month that has a calendar date that does not exist in the specified cancellation month, the last day of the specified month will be used as the Expiration Date.


If the form of payment in a user’s profile fails upon charging, the user will be sent an email to update payment terms. If payment terms are not updated promptly, the subscription will be automatically cancelled by HealthOk.


HealthOk makes a full refund upon cancellation, calculated from the days remaining in the subscription term. Gateway charges, service appointments and any other transactions with providers outside the subscription fee are not refunded.