Brand Recognition

GIve your clinic an online presence, spread word of mouth to social media, track practice reputation online, Online medical records, mobile apps, personalized care team set your apart from other practices which lack these facilities

Efficiency & Productivity

30% of your time in the clinic is spent on zero fee visits. We help bring it down to zero. Grow 30% of revenue without adding staff

Patient Satisfaction

Engaged patients, better adherence to your care plan, improved clinical outcomes, positive word of mouth!

Offerings For

Doctor Solutions

Service For Doctors

Outcome for Doctors

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  • Improved Clinical Outcome
  • Patient safety
  • Reclaim lost patients
  • Eliminate non billable time
  • Improved Patient Engagement and Care
  • Improved conversion of surgery case
  • Outcome based improved patient flow
  • Improved referral management (Inbound and outbound)
  • Patient demographics & data analysis.
  • Tele Medicine


  • Cloud Based PHR
  • Cloud based CRM
  • Social Media Integration and reputation management.
  • Patient Education via App
  • Online Appointment Management
  • Integration with wearables
  • Trends and charts on weight, BP, Sugar, TSH etc.


  • Customized Care Team
  • 24×7 availability of clinically equipped care team working for you.
  • Well defined clinical protocol for triage as per your comfort and guidelines
  • Manage all your calls for appointments, general queries, clinical queries etc.
  • Prep your incoming patients to ensure they come with complete information
  • Make complete medical history available to you at a glance.
  • Complete post care follow up with your patients
  • Manage Patient registration


  • No Change in Your Workflow
  • Patient history always available
  • Communicate over App, email, WhatsApp, phone etc
  • 24×7 availability
  • No direct calls to you

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